Park Reservation Information

To Reserve a City Park:
  1. Check our Facilities/Parks page. (click on link.)
  2. Choose the park you want to reserve and click on the picture. (Not all parks can be reserved)
  3. Check availability on calendar.
  4. Press the "Make Reservations" button, and 
  5. Follow the instructions to reserve and pay for your reservation through PAYPAL.

Park Reservation Fees

Facilities Use Agreement

Special Event Application

Bounce House Permit Applications

Please Note: North Canyon Park is located in Bountiful City, not in North Salt Lake.

Reserve a Playing Field
There are three playing fields ag Legacy Park, and one at Hatch Park. The Hatch Park field includes a baseball diamond.

Teams interested in reserving a playing field should first reveiw our Athletic Field Policy. An application can be found on the last page of the policy.

We give scheduling priority to teams in the following order:

  1. North Salt Lake sponsored programs and events
  2. North Salt Lake Co-sponsored programs and events
  3. Resident Based Open Youth Recreation League programs
  4. South Davis Recreation District programs and events
  5. Davis School District programs
  6. Resident Based Open Adult Recreation League programs
  7. Resident Based Restricted Youth Recreation League programs
  8. Resident Based Independent Teams or programs
  9. Non-Resident Based Teams or programs

Teams wishing to use prioritization should follow the application deadlines outlined in the Policy. Spring season deadline is the second Friday in January. Fall season deadline is the second Friday in June. Applications received before the deadline will be reviewed by City staff, and reservations made according to the prioritization list. After the deadline, reservations will be made on a first-come first-served basis.

Reservations are not final until proof of insurance and payment for the reservation has been submitted.

Teams are responsible for striping their own playing fields. All striping must be cleared through City staff.

Call (801) 335-8726 with questions about playing field reservations.