Domestic Farm Animals

Domestic Farm Animals:

Domestic Farm Animal Application

Domestic farm animals are permitted on single family lots in which meet the following criteria:
  • Zoning: R1-12, R1-10, R1-7, and P Districts 
  • Lots greater than 7,000 sq. ft. 
  • Lots smaller than 21,780 sq. ft. (1/2 acre): 45 animal points 
  • Lots larger than 21,780 sq. ft. (1/2 acre): 45 animal points, plus 1 point for every 500 sq. ft. over 21,780 sq. ft. 
  • Annual domestic animal permit
  • Site inspection by code enforcement officer

     Type of Animal
Number of Animal Points
Chickens, rabbits, pheasants, ducks, pigeons
3 points each
Turkeys, geese
10 points each
Sheep, goats, llamas
50 points each
Roosters, donkeys, pigs, cows, horses
Not permitted
Nuisance animals (raccoons, skunks, etc.)
Not permitted
Any non-domesticated animal, including exotic pets
Not permitted